Art & Medicine

This family grouping seems to revolve around art and medicine.  My sweet wife Mary is a Medical Technologist, who, for years, supervised a Genetic Screening laboratory here in Denton, Texas.  She worked long hours and always insisted that the lab work she was overseeing be done with extreme  care and diligence.  She spent many, many hours on the microscope viewing chromosomes  to rule out various abnormalities.  Our daughter, Lisa, is a Registered Nurse working in Plano, Texas, in Labor and Delivery, and our son, Robbie, works at a hospital in El Paso, Texas.  Our sister-in-law, Barbara Oliver Hartman, is a marvelous quilter and has been producing intricately beautiful works for years.  Her website, is a must see!  Walter Hartman, our other brother-in-law, produced beautiful pottery for years, and his wife, Cathy,  is a weaver turned librarian at the University of North Texas.


A great supporter of my work throughout the years was the brother I never had.  Even though he was a brother-in-law, he was much more like a real brother.  He passed away in January of 2015, and his name was Bob Hartman. He was always excited about new works, and many times in the mid 80's, he, Mary my wife, and I would set out for a particular outdoor exhibit.  Bob helped in setting up all the equipment necessary for these shows, and after the show, helped pack it all up again for the return trip.  Through the years, Bob was a great patron of the arts, and purchased many beautiful  things for his business location, and for an incredible home he and his wife, Barbara, finished in the early 80's in Flower Mound, Texas. Bob always maintained a great sense of humor and that is why so many  perfect strangers felt right at home around him.  This is evident in one of my favorite photos of him  taken with his grand kids.  Bob is smiling  in the center, wearing a bright yellow feather full war bonnet.  He is so missed every day.

MY Art Work

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